Winter Hanging On

It may be March 13, but we are reminded once again that the weather does not pay any attention to the calendar.  There is no doubt that winter is not over yet. Today’s high only reached 48 degrees, 12 degrees above the average high. If you think that is cold, it gets colder this week.  Hang on to that thought.

Tonight a cold rain is moving east.  Overnight colder air moves in with some wrap around moisture and we could see some light snow falling but most of that will be along the Cumberland Plateau. Temperatures will be very near freezing. Here’s the latest Futurecast depiction.

There could be a dusting of snow on the grassy surfaces in the higher elevations.


Expect a little clearing later in the afternoon tomorrow. A taste of Arctic air arrives Tuesday night.  A Freeze Warning has been issued as we are expecting temperatures to drop to the low 20s in Nashville and to the teens along the Cumberland Plateau. So here’s that reminder again…cover up any plants that have already started blooming if you want to save them…bring those potted plants inside.  And please don’t forget to bring your furry friends inside too.


That cold air will stick around for much of the week, keeping temperatures well below average for this time of year…highs only in the low 40s for Tuesday and Wednesday.  Sunshine will be more abundant Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is St. Patrick’s Day, there will be some rain and a few thunderstorms, highs closer to average.  No severe weather in the outlook right now.

WSMV 4 PLUS 4 PM.png

I’ll have an update on Channel 4 News at 10pm.


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