March 13: Chilly Rain Showers, Daily Links


Wet weather to start the work week, as showers are moving in from the west this morning.  As the showers start, they’ll likely be a mix of rain, sleet and snow, especially to the northwest of Nashville.  A slushy dusting on lawns and rooftops could add up before temperatures warm up enough to prompt a transition to all rain.  The rest of the Midstate will see cold rain showers throughout the afternoon and evening.  The HRRR model’s radar simulation has a pretty good handle on things:

That said, the weather’s going to do what the weather wants to do, so we’ll keep a close eye on that rain/snow dividing line to make sure it moves north like we expect it to.

Another chance for a rain/snow mix will develop late tonight and early Tuesday as the showers wind down.  The RPM model shows how little moisture will be leftover at that point, which means we’re not looking at much in terms of accumulation:

A half-inch in the higher terrain of eastern Middle Tennessee through midday Tuesday looks like the upper limit this time around:

We’ll be dry Wednesday and Thursday, but chilly weather will stick around through most of the week, with high temperatures in the 40s today through Thursday, and overnight low temperatures in the 20s and 30:

That’s WAY below-normal for this time of year!

Temperatures finally bounce back to near-normal levels by Friday and over the weekend:

A decent chance of rain Friday, but our thunderstorm chances don’t look impressive.  Monday is the spring equinox, and it will feel like it!



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