WINTER’S LAST STAND: Round One Ending…Round Two Tonight

Well that was a good batch of snow, wasn’t it?  Many of you experienced it.  Others are sitting on the sidelines either thrilled they weren’t included or sporting the biggest “sad sack” face possible.  The snow rolled across most areas along and north of I-40 this morning.  Those impacted received 1″ to 3″ of heavy wet accumulation.  Some spots got even more!


Thanks to ALL of you who sent in weather pictures and reports this morning via email, facebook, and twitter!!  They were invaluable as I tried to gauge just how significant this band of snow would be.

Right now (as of 10:30am), 4WARN Live Doppler shows the last of THAT batch of snow moving through our eastern counties (around Sparta, Crossville, and McMinnville)…


However, the Mid State isn’t done by any stretch.  Look at the additional moisture lining up to the west, headed this way.  Much of it is in the form of rain.  However, as it builds into our area tonight and interacts with colder air, it’ll briefly turn to all snow.


A Winter Weather Advisory continues until noon for most of the purple shaded area.  That was put in place to let folks know that a few roads would temporarily become slick this morning, as the burst of heavy snow moved through.

The southeasternmost counties included in the advisory (also in purple) though have theirs beginning at 6pm tonight and running until 7am tomorrow.  It’ll be in effect for snow that’s anticipated there tonight.  Specifically, I’m talking about Lincoln, Moore, Franklin, Bedford, Coffee, Grundy, Warren, Van Buren, White, and Cumberland counties.


SO…showers of mainly rain (but also possibly some wet snow) will move in from the west, over southern Middle Tennessee especially as we head through the afternoon.   Other areas will remain dry.

This evening, rain will thicken up and turn to snow, mainly south of Interstate 40.  As the evening continues and temperatures fall, some of the roads impacted by falling snow will likely begin to get slick.  SO…if you have plans to drive somewhere over the southern half of Middle Tennessee this evening, just know that driving conditions could deteriorate quickly.

Early tomorrow, the snow will be done and clouds will clear, but it’ll be cold — in the 20s and lowermost 30s!  SO….slick roads will be possible over southern Middle Tennessee.

Areas north of I-40 should miss this overnight quick burst of snow.  SO…travel there tonight and Sunday morning should be problem-free.

Once the storm exits (by dawn on Sunday morning), I expect this much snow for overall totals(from today’s snow and tonight’s).


Highs on Sunday will be around 50 with full sunshine, so a lot of what falls today (if not all of it) will melt.

With all the attention on our wacky weather, be sure to remember the time change tonight!  We SPRING ahead one our, so the sun rises on Sunday around 7am and sets Sunday evening just before 7pm!

Daphne DeLoren’s on Channel 4 News tonight at 5pm and 10pm with an update on this evolving winter weather event, so be sure to tune in!


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5 Responses to WINTER’S LAST STAND: Round One Ending…Round Two Tonight

  1. Melinda P Netherton says:

    Don’t be so sure that it’s Winter’s Last Stand. Bill Hall always said we weren’t out of the woods until after tax day, (April 15)

    • Dan Thomas says:

      This should be our last decent accumulating snow…that’s all I’m saying. Tuesday should bring a few flurries. Hard freeze Wed and Thu AM.

  2. Dorothy C Hartzog says:

    I need to be in Paris TN by 9am tomorrow for work. Should I leave today and spend the night? Wonder about roads in the am.

    • Dan Thomas says:

      Not sure where you’re driving from. Road issues are most likely along/south of I40, so if ur driving from AL, leave tonight. If from Springfield TN for example tho, you’ll be fine to drive tomorrow.

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