Action Packed Next 72 Hours!

Microblog here, since many of you are probably looking at your smartphones with one eye open as you drift off.

Tomorrow will be even warmer than today — breezy, too!  Today we got to 70.  Here’s a look at Thursday’s highs:

DT CITYCAST 3D1_EffectRandomDots_16x9

Tomorrow night, some rain/storms move in from the northwest.  This will be a very fast moving system, but expect some downpours and a little lightning/thunder to go along with it.  The storms will be in response to a cold front (and a burst of energy in the upper atmosphere) that’ll help drop us into the 50s for highs on Friday.  SO….Friday will be MUCH cooler than tomorrow.

Here’s a look at FUTURECAST for tomorrow night.  What it shows is if you have a kid’s ball practice to go to in the evening you’ll be fine and remain dry.  If you’re going to the Vandy/Texas A&M game though at 6pm at Bridgestone Arena and then plan on lingering downtown afterwards for a bit, rain will likely get you.

Now, let’s get to Saturday.  Since we’re several days away, this outlook will absolutely change some.  This is the way things look tonight though:

Saturday’s storm will be very fast moving, like tomorrow night’s.  Clouds will roll in Saturday morning and thicken quickly.  Rain showers will develop…which could mix with sleet and snow along the TN/KY line.  South of I-40, the storm will likely stay as all rain throughout.  However, late Saturday afternoon and early Saturday evening, enough cold air will dive down into the Mid State as the storm begins to pull away to change precipitation to all snow along/north of Interstate 40.  The farther north you are, the better your chance of getting a light accumulation on lawns, cars, roofs, decks, etc.  Along and north of the TN/KY line, I wouldn’t be surprised if some roads get slick and snow covered for a time Saturday evening.  SO…if you have plans for Saturday, you’ll want to keep close tabs on the forecast in the days to come.



Paul Heggen will have an update in the morning.   Daphne DeLoren and Lisa Spencer will have another look at what we’re anticipating tomorrow afternoon and evening on Channel 4 News.


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