Storms Headed Toward Middle Tennessee

Thunderstorms are on their way toward Middle Tennessee.  Like last week, they’ll arrive just in time for many of us to hit the road in the morning!

The storms we’re watching are currently in the Plains, several hundred miles west of us…


Except for a sprinkle or two in spots, the Mid State is dry now…but windy and warm.


Temperatures won’t change much overnight because of the southerly breeze & clouds.  Most communities will have a low in the lower 60s.

Early tomorrow, the thunderstorms will move in.  Here’s the latest timing with FUTURECAST, which to me looks reasonable.

Remember however that this timing could change a little bit either way — speed up or slow down — just as last week’s storm system did.

The likelihood we have severe weather is rather small, but not zero.  A few of the storms, especially around the morning drive, could have damaging wind gusts.  As the storms move eastward, they’ll weaken gradually.  Because of minimal instability and the fact that the strongest wind in the upper atmosphere will stay well north of our area, our severe threat is just “Marginal” — the lowest severe rating given by the Storm Prediction Center regarding a severe weather potential.


Brief heavy downpours are likely, so watch out for short term ponding on roads, too.  SO…just be sure to factor in plenty of time to get to where you need to be in the morning.

DT Straight Line Wind

To ensure you remain informed if any watches or warnings are issued, please download the WSMV and WSMV WX (Weather) apps tonight, if you haven’t done so already.  Once you have the WSMV WX app open, be sure to access the menu, click on Settings, and turn on “Severe Weather Alerts” to ensure watches and warnings come to your phone or tablet computer.

Coming up in moments on Channel 4 News at 10pm I’ll have much more on this storm threat.  I’ll also talk about which days this week you’ll want to make sure you spend some time outdoors!


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