Severe Weather Expected Wednesday

I’m sure you’ve heard by now on TV, facebook, twitter, or from someone you know that severe weather is expected tomorrow in Middle Tennessee.

For that reason, a 4WARN Weather Alert has been issued.


Right now, the storms are well northwest of our area, in the Midwest and Plains.  A Tornado Watch is in effect for a couple hundred counties!


Storms will continue to develop on the leading edge overnight, as the whole system slides eastward.  Our northwestern counties have the best chance for rain and thunderstorms overnight.

Here’s the likelihood for rain in your area before dawn.


Here’s the likelihood for severe weather before dawn.  The farther north and west you are, the greater your chances.


Damaging wind gusts and isolated tornadoes will be possible.

Outside of storms, it’ll be very windy tonight, too.  Take a look at wind gusts at midnight.


SO…don’t be surprised if you hear the windows or siding rattling.

FUTURECAST overnight shows just isolated storms moving in over southern Kentucky and northwestern Middle Tennessee.  Any of these initial storms could be severe with damaging wind and/or isolated tornadoes.

Tomorrow, the entire Mid State is under a rather significant threat for severe weather — Enhanced.


Here’s the expected timing for storms tomorrow.

For greater perspective and an updated view on the timing for your area, be sure to watch Channel 4 News at 6pm, 6:30pm, and 10pm tonight.


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