Get the Upper Hand on Allergy Season!

Eleven years ago this summer, I moved to Nashville.  During that first autumn I was here, ragweed hit me like a freight train!  The following spring, I think I went through eight boxes of tissues myself thanks to all the pollen Middle Tennessee’s trees produce.

I suffered through the next couple years, before finally giving in and visiting an allergy doctor.  The shots & meds the doctor gave me helped a lot.  She also said….”Dan….You really need to start using a Neti Pot.”

When I first heard that I thought, “Yeah….that sounds fun!  Drown myself!  Voluntary waterboarding.  Sign me up!!!!”  Thinking about it made me sick to my stomach.  BUT….after many years of putting it off, I eventually gave in and gave it a try.  NOW?  I’m a Neti Pot PUSHER!

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you need to drive to the store, buy one, and start using it TONIGHT!  Within 3 minutes after doing it, you’ll breathe more clearly than ever.

Why didn’t I try this earlier?  It sounded awful.  To do something that sounds awful, I at least wanted someone to guide me through it.  SO…..that’s what I’m going to do for you here.

The whole process is really no big deal!  It just feels like you dove in a pool and got water up your nose.  You can handle that!!

This is what it looks like.


Inside the box, you’ll find this teapot looking thing and 30 packets of saline mix.  You can find it at most drug stores for under $10.  Yours might be ceramic or shaped a little differently.  Don’t worry.  It’ll work just the same.

Instructions come with it, but essentially, all you need to do is 1/2 fill the teapot with room temperature distilled water. You can get a gallon of that at the grocery store for a dollar.  Pour in 1/2 the packet of saline mix and stir it up.  If you prefer, you can use boiled tap water instead (tap water must be boiled because there are bacteria in it).

The next part is easiest to see visually, so to spare you seeing ME do it, just watch this youtube clip:    How to Use a Neti Pot Demonstration

About a minute or so into the video, the woman will show you just how simple it is!  The key is to keep your mouth open and breathe through it, while you’re doing it.  It takes about 8 seconds for each side….and you’re done!  I do it before leaving the house in the morning and before going to bed — twice a day.  That schedule seems to work perfectly!

Alright….I hope many of you decide tonight to change your life once and for all….and do this!!  I waited more than 10 years.  I wish I hadn’t!

Good luck….and for those who do it, please spread the good word on to others by sharing this post.  Spring and fall will never be the same!


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