Welcome to Unofficial Spring!

Award-winning! Crystal blue skies and spring-like temperatures all across the board. The foggy start to the day made for some pretty neat captures, just as the sun was rising. Thanks to Stephen for sharing this one with me!


It did not take long for the fog to lift and Celene’s capture is proof. A cloud-free sight. Looking and feeling like spring…dd-picture3

Last but not least, our very own Ralph from Channel 4 captured this one. He says “Upper 60’s and clear from the base of the WSMV tower.” I love it.dd-picture4

All this sunshine and southerly winds made for another unseasonably warm day. I feel like a broken record repeating the words “unseasonably warm.” 🙂 Average is 53 degrees and we were close to twenty degrees ABOVE that. I did some research today, comparing the days we ran above average versus below (only considering daytime highs).




Out of the eighteen days we’ve had so far in February, eleven of them were above, four below and three right on average.


If I included my extended forecast (below),  each day would only add to the RED category. For those who did the warm temperature dance, it sure has paid off!

Let’s turn our attention to precipitation chances over the next few days…

We’ll have a decent amount of sunshine and pleasant weather to celebrate President’s Day tomorrow (6 out of 10) then clouds build with an approaching system currently over Texas…daphnesunoutlook3

Here’s a visual picture with a view from space…


Latest models keep it a bit further to our south and running a bit slower then anticipated. I was convinced enough to bring precipitation chances down to a 30% on Tuesday. We’ll see a few showers Tuesday into early Wednesday then a very slight chance for a shower or two on Thursday. The better chance for showers and storms will be on Friday before high pressure brings abundant sunshine just in time for our weekend plans. Not a bad deal, right?


I’ll have the full shower timeline and more on this unseasonably warm stretch coming up on Channel 4 at 10 tonight!

-Daphne DeLoren

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