Clouds Soon Cover the Bright Blue

What a way to finish off the week! Sunshine is moving and grooving across the Mid State and temperatures are not too shabby. Just around 3:00 PM here and many spots are breaking the 70-degree mark! Close to twenty degrees ABOVE average. My my…


Check out sweet Ella, out soaking up the beauty at Percy Preist Lake earlier today. Thanks to her human dad, Ralph for sharing with me on Facebook!


So we are all sunshine talks and warmer temperatures today, but the story changes and in the near future! System currently over Louisiana and eastern Texas continues lifting north and east. Moisture ahead will increase cloud cover tonight but it’s not until early Saturday morning we’ll see the rain (and not all of us will see it). Light rain will start from the south and west, tracking eastward, mainly impacting areas south of I-40 and mainly during the morning. With increased cloud cover, daytime highs will not run AS warm as today, but still above average in the low 60s.


Let’s check in with Futurecast for timing of the clouds and rain…dd-rpm-12km-eveningdd-rpm-12km-evening1dd-rpm-12km-evening2dd-rpm-12km-evening3

Most of the rain is out the door by the afternoon. High pressure returns quickly, swimming through the cloud cover by early Sunday morning. Plenty of sunshine will allow daytime highs to rebound back into the low 70s on Sunday, lasting through most of the week ahead.dd-rpm-12km-evening5dd-rpm-12km-evening7

Here’s a peak ahead to what I’ll be breaking down on Channel 4 coming up at 4 & 4:30 today!wsmv-4day-forecast


-Daphne DeLoren

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