February 15: Big Warm-Up Ahead, Daily Links


The last of the rain showers, and the last of the mist and drizzle, is winding down even as I’m typing this during our morning newscast, which leaves us with decreasing clouds and cool and breezy conditions the rest of the day.  Highs today will top out around 50°:
That’s pretty close to normal for mid-February, but the wind will make it feel cooler.

Chilly tonight, with lows dropping into the upper 20s:

The warm-up starts to kick in on Thursday.  We’ll reach the mid 50s tomorrow:

We’ll be into the 60s Friday through Sunday, with a chance of showers Saturday:
I wouldn’t adjust any outdoor plans on Saturday just yet (for instance, I haven’t cancelled my Saturday morning tee time).  The showers should be hit-and-miss, and pretty light…plus, the long-range data has been inconsistent regarding the rain chances.  We’ll keep you updated.

The really warm weather heads our way Sunday through the first half of next week:
Those forecast highs around 70° aren’t quite record-setting, but they’re close — records this time of year are in the mid to upper 70s.  Beyond the scope of the extended forecast, it looks like cooler weather will head in our general direction by the end of next week, but it’s WAY too soon for any specifics.



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