Soggy & Chilly Valentine’s Night Ahead

It’s been a mixed bag across the Mid State today.  Some spots have had persistent rain.  Others have dealt with just cloud cover.  All areas will have rain and chilly conditions tonight, though.

Outdoors now, some spots are actually cold!  For a change, temperatures are BELOW average.


4WARN Live Doppler Radar shows steady light rain along and north of the I-40 corridor.  Southern Middle Tennessee continues to be dry, as it has been all day.


Temperatures won’t climb much more through the rest of the afternoon, as clouds linger.  Take a look at what’s upstream.  That big shield of rain crossing the Mississippi River into Mississippi is heading OUR way.


SO…if you’re going out for dinner with your sweetheart tonight, take your umbrella, even if it’s not raining when you leave the house.


FUTURECAST shows how rain will develop this evening.  By 7pm, the main shield of wet weather will be along the Tennessee River.  By 8:30pm or so, it’ll be in Nashville, crossing I-65 into eastern Middle Tennessee.

As this storm begins to wrap up early tomorrow, it’s even conceivable a few wet snow flakes will mix in on the Cumberland Plateau.  However, any snow that falls won’t stick.  The ground will be too warm.

Tomorrow, sunshine returns.  It’ll remain for a while until rain moves in this weekend.  We’ll tell you much more about that weekend rain system…and will guide you through the temperature changes we expect, coming up on Channel 4 News beginning at 4pm.




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