Wacky Winter Warmth Continues…for Now

The wacky winter warmth we’ve had for so much of this winter continues…but not for long.  A cold front will move through today sending temperatures back to more typical levels for most of this week.

Outdoors this morning, it doesn’t feel like winter.  It doesn’t even feel like spring.  It feels like SUMMER!  Both the temperature and high humidity are playing are part.  Temperatures right now (as of 7am) are in the 60s and lowermost 70s…


Dew points (a measure of how muggy it is) are also running in the 60s, which is rather unusual for February.


Most areas are cloudy, but a few have some sunshine.


Notice that colder air is lurking farther north.  That’s all sagging southward toward us, with a cold front.


As that front moves through today, a few showers will develop, primarily this morning.


Take a look at the latest FUTURECAST for placement and timing of the light rain in your area.  The rain chance is just 40% today, so some areas will get wet for a bit while others will stay dry.

Behind the front, temperatures will drop…not sharply, but gradually.  Today’s temperature profile looks strange, doesn’t it?  It shows the high around mid morning and the coolest air arriving late today.


The numbers below aren’t highs for today.  They’re your late day temperatures.  SO…if you’re about to leave the house, but will be out all day, you’ll probably want to take a light jacket for later as that cooler air moves in.


Overnight, even colder air will take over.  We’ll be back to average for temperatures by tomorrow morning:


Most of this week will be seasonable (low-mid 50s).  A few showers will return, especially along and south of I-40, Tuesday night and early Wednesday.

Coming up on Channel 4 News Today at 8am, we’ll talk more about what to expect through this coming week and into next weekend. Please join us!


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