Not a Weekend Wash Out

Sunshine dances pay off, and just in time for TGIF plans! What a refreshing ending to the week..


I snuck outside of the studio to take a quick snap of the studio, which led to a quick trip to Chik-Fil-A for a lemonade. 🙂


Not only are we blessed with crystal blue skies, but check out the temps! 3:17 here in the weather center — low to upper 60s? We woke up to 23 degrees in the same spot…already a 41 degree jump! Many of you asked me on Facebook, where did the warmth go? Mother Nature heard and delivered! What a treat.


Clouds begin increasing overnight and a few spotty showers are expected throughout the day on Saturday. The better chance arrives Saturday overnight into the first half of Sunday. A few thunderstorms are not out of question. Here’s how things time out…


Waving goodbye to the rain by around noon on Sunday. Not a bad deal, right?

Once the cold front passes, seasonably cooler temperatures arrive by Monday, lasting through most of the week, in the low to mid-50s.


I’m breaking it all down for you on Channel 4 at 4 & 4:30 today!


-Daphne DeLoren


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