Weekend Warm Up

Simply beautiful. After a cloudy, rainy and stormy past couple of days, the sun made quite an appearance across the Mid State today. Things still look good as I type here (3:20 pm just MUCH COOLER…


Yesterday, Nashville hit a high of 68 degrees and today we are struggling to hit 40. wsmv-dma-temps-zoom1_effectsquiggle-autoplot

Factor in breezy northwesterly winds and it’s feeling more like the lower 20s for our northern counties across the Kentucky Tennessee border…whew! dt-dma-wind-chill-still1

A mainly clear sky will aid in dropping temperatures overnight, into the mid-20s which is about five degrees cooler than average.daphne_school_day_forecast

Not for long, though! Dun dun dun…this was a brief cool down. High pressure continues to work its way in from the west and as it does, winds shift gears to be out of the southwest on Friday. This will pull in ABOVE average temperatures — back into the upper 50s to lower 60s for an afternoon high. You can also count on a breezy day ahead, with gusts as high as 25 mph by the afternoon. daphne-icast-temperature

TGIF sunshine will be great while it lasts! A weak approaching system will pull more cloud cover in on Saturday but limited rain. I expect a few spotty showers during the day. The better chance for showers (and thunderstorms) arrive on Sunday with an approaching cold front. The best timing will be during the afternoon. After that? Just a lingering early morning shower on Monday before a sharp cool down — from upper 60s/low 70s to the lower 50s. wsmv-4-plus-4-pm

I’ll dive more into depth with shower and storm timing coming up on Channel 4 at 4 & 4:30 today!

-Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren

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