4WARN Weather Alert for Tuesday

A 4WARN Weather Alert is in effect for tomorrow.  Bands of heavy rain and thunderstorms are likely to develop, some of which could contain damaging wind gusts and hail.


In the meantime, this afternoon is mostly dry for the Mid State after a several-hour period of rain earlier today.  As of 3:25pm, notice the showers wrapping up over the northeastern part of the area.


It remains cloudy for most…


Here’s a recent view from over downtown Nashville.


Temperatures are generally in the 50s.  It’s even warmer farther west, where the rain ended earlier.


Take a look at the bright white clouds out west.  Those are being produced by a fair bit of energy in the upper atmosphere moving toward Tennessee.  That energy, along with mild and increasingly humid air, will make for the rain and storms we expect tomorrow.


The Storm Prediction Center has the entire area in a Slight Risk zone for severe weather tomorrow.


The main threats will be hail and high wind.


I don’t expect a big outbreak of severe weather, due to the timing of the event.  The warmest weather will occur during the afternoon, after the best energy in the upper atmosphere moves away.  Still though, I do expect a band of healthy thunderstorms a few of which could be strong to severe, just in time for the morning commute.  SO…it’s the timing of this weather event (as opposed to its intensity) that has caused me to issue the 4WARN Weather Alert.

Take a look at FUTURECAST through the overnight tonight.  It shows just isolated showers until around 5 or 6am when storms begin to fire…west of Nashville.

Storms will continue to sweep east through the morning hours and clear the Cumberland Plateau early tomorrow afternoon.

Coming up on Channel 4 News this afternoon and evening beginning at 4pm, we’ll get more specific on the expected timing and trend of storms in your area.  We’ll also cover what you should expect as we head through the remainder of the week, on into next weekend.


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  1. Fred says:

    Today, Feb 6, is the “coldest” day of the calendar year. The highest daily average for this date is 61.5 degrees, set way back in 1884. This is the lowest daily mean maximum for any calendar day in Nashville. Also, it’s been 21 years since we last saw subzero temperatures (Feb 5, 1996, with a -3 reading), by far the longest such stretch. From the 1870s, when the record-keeping began, through the 1990s, every decade (that was 13 in a row) had at least one instance of subzero temps. Of course, there have been numerous cold winter months since 1996 but, still, numbers don’t lie. Yet another evidence for the warming or is it just urban heat island effect?

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