Coldest Start in Nearly a Month

Yikes, is it cold outdoors this morning!  Temperatures are sitting at their lowest point right now…primarily in the teens!


Nashville’s 20 is making for its coldest start since January 8th, when the temperature dropped to 8!  SO….if you like to kick off the weekend with a walk, run, or bike ride (or anything outdoors for that matter), make sure you dress very warmly.

It IS bright and sunny though!

Clarksville’s sitting pretty…


Roads are clear, too.


There’s no frost either, since the air is so dry.  I took this picture of the frost-free cars in our parking lot an hour ago:


We just have a few high clouds passing through now.  Count on a few more this afternoon, and then much more overnight….as that weak weather system to the west in Arkansas and Oklahoma moves into Tennessee.


This afternoon, a light south wind will get established…and work with the sunshine to boost our temperatures all the way into the mid-upper 40s.


Highs this afternoon will look like this…


Tonight, a shower or sprinkle will pass through in some communities.  A few will linger into early tomorrow, too.  Then, tomorrow afternoon sunshine will return in many areas…as temperatures climb into the 50s.


SO….while you won’t need your umbrella for much this weekend, Monday and Tuesday will be different.  Showers return Monday.  Showers and thunderstorms are likely Tuesday.  It’ll be windy then, too.  Wednesday will be sharply colder.  On Thursday, a few light few light rain or snow showers will try to move through.  Then, we’ll warm up again on Friday into next Saturday.


We still have an hour of news to go this morning, so please join Alan Frio and me between 8:30am and 9:30am for the latest news headlines…and a deeper look into your forecast for the next week.


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