Warmer Weather Around the Corner!

Wintry weather was the story on Sunday with areas of rain and snow.  However, a big change is about to occur!  We’ll actually have temperatures that feel more like April as soon as tomorrow.

Outdoors now, the big story today is sunshine.  Except for a few high clouds and contrails passing by, it’s bright and sunny for all of us!  Here’s a recent view of the sky from the Saint Henry School in Nashville…


Temperatures have soared all the way into the 50s in most areas this afternoon.  As of 3pm, this is where we stand.


Tonight, a few more clouds will filter in from Kentucky….


Temperatures won’t change a whole lot overnight, though, as a southwest wind gets established.

That wind will drive temperatures all the way into the 60s tomorrow afternoon, under a mix of high clouds and sunshine.


There won’t be any rain tomorrow, but as a cold front slides through Wednesday, a few light showers will be possible over southernmost Middle Tennessee.

Down the road, colder air will move in.  We also expect some rain this weekend.  We’ll talk more about that this afternoon and this evening on Channel 4 News, starting at 4pm.  We hope you join us!


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