Snow’s Flying for Many

Precipitation is moving through the Mid State right on schedule this morning .  Here’s a look at 4WARN Live Doppler Radar as of 8:55am…


Over eastern and northern Middle Tennessee (and southern Kentucky), snow is falling.  However, even there, where snow falls, it’s not going to accumulate on roads.  However, decks and lawns are being covered in spots, primarily in the highest elevations.  This picture was just emailed to me from Bon Air Mountain in eastern White County.


Temperatures are above freezing for all of us, except Crossville now…


The main batch of precipitation moving through now will clear the Mid State by midday.  Then, this afternoon, only just light showers of rain and/or snow will pass through.

Highs today for most will be around 40.


Tonight, colder air will move in with additional moisture.  Snow showers and flurries will pass through, with the focus over eastern Middle Tennessee.  Because of that, a Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for our northeasternmost counties.


Snow could accumulate there on roads overnight.  By dawn, this is how much could fall…


Here’s FUTURECAST for tonight.

Looking down the road, much of this week will be pleasant.


Be sure to tune in to Channel 4 News at 5pm this evening for an update on all this from Daphne DeLoren.




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