Another Day…Another Change

We went from near 70-degree temperatures on Sunday to clouds and chilly air yesterday… to sunshine and pleasant weather today!  It seems like every time you blink, the weather is a little different here in Middle Tennessee lately.  Tomorrow will follow suit and be different once again!

Outdoors now, sunshine has finally taken over ALL of Middle Tennessee.  I just went for a walk in our parking lot and didn’t want to come back inside :).


Temperatures have climbed nicely this afternoon with this sunshine… and the fact that there is very little wind makes being outdoors even more pleasant!


Tonight, under a clear sky temperatures will fall back into the 40s. Then clouds will move in by dawn as yet another weather system approaches.  We’ll get some rain showers from it, but not until late morning….and not before temperatures climb to even higher levels than they’re at today.

Here’s a look at high temperatures across our area tomorrow…


FUTURECAST is doing a nice job showing the advancement of rain into the Mid State as we get into tomorrow afternoon and evening.

This will be a weak weather system and therefore not produce much rain. In fact several spots should avoid seeing showers altogether.

Go figure, yet another weather change will take place on Thursday!  This time, it will be the return of colder air. There’s even the possibility we’ll see some sprinkles and snow flurries as we head farther down the road.  We’ll tell you more about that this evening on Channel 4 News, beginning at 4pm.  We hope you join us!


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