Unsettled End to the Weekend & Start to Next Week

After a pretty Saturday afternoon with lots of sunshine and a high of 70, clouds and showers have returned on this Sunday morning.  Here’s a look at 4WARN Live Doppler Radar (as of 7:30am).  It shows several areas of rain sliding toward the north.


We also have some sunshine developing over southern Middle Tennessee!  See the clearing area?


This clearing will also push toward the north making for an hour or so of sunshine for many of you.  You can see it from one of our cameras over downtown Nashville now.


Meanwhile, we have much more cloudiness and rain farther west.  All this will move through our area over the next 24 hours.


Temperatures are in the 50s now, so our mild theme continues…


This afternoon, we’ll have highs in the low 60s in most areas, with more clouds and showers.


Take a look at FUTURECAST and how it shows rain through today, tonight, and tomorrow.  SO….it’ll be showery.  At times, we’ll have dry weather.  At other times, we’ll have heavy downpours.  A little pea size hail is even possible late this afternoon into this evening, but we’re not expecting any severe weather.  That threat will be much farther south today.

Wind will increase overnight as the storm producing today’s rain begins to depart.  Check out how wind gusts will build, mainly after midnight.

Tomorrow, with that strong northwest breeze, it’ll be much cooler.  We’re also still expecting even chillier air to return by Thursday and linger into next weekend.


I’ll tell you much more about what I’ve written above on Channel 4 News Today, from 8am until 9am.  We hope you tune in!

Have a great weekend!


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