Grab an Umbrella!

Ok sunshine, we really miss you. Distance is making hearts grow fonder in Middle Tennessee. Thick deck of clouds, light rain, mild upper 40s and fog has been the trend so far this morning…


Here’s a radar update (8:11 am as I write here) — light showers I-65 east and I-40 north. See the moisture towards the west of Middle Tennessee? That is headed our way!


A warm front lifts northeast today, bringing along widespread showers, heavy downpours and even a few isolated thunderstorms.


Though I do not expect severe weather out of the round, we are talking  A LOT of rain over a short period of time — 1-2″ on average and local amounts may exceed that, up to 3″ — through early Friday morning that is…


Ponding can be expected for low lying spots and we’ll likely see standing water on the roads. In other words, no need to rush when you’re driving out and about. Take it slow.

Futurecast confirms timing for the bulk of the moisture — early afternoon through late tonight…


Besides a few early morning isolated shower on Friday expect a dry but CLOUDY day. Highs will be even WARMER! Unbelievable, right?

Our next chance for rain is not far after. An approaching system will stem from Texas, bring scattered rain on Saturday but a better chance for rain and thunderstorms will be for the second half of the weekend. Check it out…


I’ll have the full shower and storm timeline coming up on channel 4 at noon today. Paul will be covering all of Lisa’s shows this evening and I’ll be back with you bright and early on Friday morning.

Stay dry and have a blessed day!

-Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren

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  1. Joe says:

    How many days in a row has it rained? It seems like it’s been a month.

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