4 Things to Know About Our Upcoming Weather

There are 4 things to know about our upcoming weather.  They are…

1) Tomorrow morning will be the coolest  in more than a week….essentially since we had that Arctic outbreak 10 days ago.  While it won’t be tremendously cold, it’ll still get your attention.  Kids will definitely need a jacket as they step out the door to the bus stop in the morning.

Here’s a look at low temperatures across the area, tomorrow.


2) More rain & some storms are expected on Thursday.  After a soggy last 24 hours, the rain we’ve been dealing with is now exiting the Mid State.  Here’s a look at 4WARN Live Doppler Radar as of 3:20pm.


Expect a few showers to linger on the Cumberland Plateau early this evening, and then we’ll all have a chance to dry out some….but again, just for a time.

3) In the wake of today’s rain, spotty fog’s likely tomorrow.  Late tonight, clouds will break in some areas.  However, as cooler air moves in and interacts with left over moisture, I do expect areas with reduced visibility to form.


4) It’ll be a mixed bag weekend.  Right now, Saturday looks rather pleasant.  Come Sunday however, yet ANOTHER storm system will move in.

We’ll tell you much more about Sunday’s storm, pinpoint where we’ll have the risk for a few strong storms on Thursday night, and highlight the days when some sunshine is most likely coming up on Channel 4 News, beginning at 4pm.  We hope you join us!


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