Improvement by the End of the Holiday Weekend

Want some sunshine?  Yeah…me, too!  There just hasn’t been much lately thanks to this unsettled weather pattern.  In fact, we’re stuck in dense fog this morning.  A Dense Fog Advisory continues until 9am.


Look at the view across many communities this morning, as of 8am.

Temperatures are coolest north and mildest south….but nowhere is it cold.


In addition to dense fog, we also have plenty of mist and drizzle, so please be especially cautious driving today.  Rain showers are now also beginning to move in over southwest Kentucky.


More will move in through the day, making for the best rain chance across our northern counties (i.e. along and north of I-40).  Today’s rain will be brought to us by that developing shield of wet weather straddling Missouri and Arkansas to the west.


Here’s today’s FUTURECAST showing how the showers will progress…

In Nashville, we’ll climb to 58, which will be nearly 10 degrees milder than yesterday.


Across the rest of the area, temperatures will feel wintry north and springlike down along the TN/AL line.


Tomorrow, expect less rain, but also slightly lower temperatures.


Did you notice in the maps above the breaks in the clouds on Monday?  YES…finally, some sunshine is likely (a few hours’ worth).

While there COULD be an isolated shower early on Martin Luther King Day, the best rain chance will be come during the evening.  With the sunshine, expect a high around 70!


Coming up between 8:30am and 9:30am on Channel 4 News Today, I’ll share my latest thoughts on the rest of next week.  We hope you join us!


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