January 12: Welcome To June-uary


After a high of 69° yesterday, temperatures only dropped to the low to mid 60s across the Midstate overnight.  Our official low temperature in Nashville this morning was 63° — that’s the average low temperature for June 6th.  JUNE!!!  The humidity is more than noticeable as well…I took this picture this morning of my mug full of iced soda:15965776_1379865012055249_8183808306332527061_nIt’s perfectly normal to see that condensation in spring and summer, but in January?  Weird.  Really weird.  And there’s more of the same in store…

Another warm and windy day today — highs today will top out  in the upper 60s to around 70° (today’s record high is 75°, set in 1890):
Isolated showers possible here and there during the day, then a better chance of rain heads our way this evening and tonight:
The HRRR model’s radar simulation shows the pattern today and this evening:
The rain will develop along a cold front that will usher in cooler air for tomorrow — we’ll hover around 50° throughout the day in Nashville, but check out the contrast in temperatures from northwest to southeast:

We’ll be back on the warm side of the weather seesaw over the weekend, with high temperatures mostly in the 60s. The best chance of showers will arrive Saturday as the warm air pushes back up from the south:
Still a slight chance of rain Sunday and Monday, but those days look drier in general.  (I’m actually going to try to squeeze in some boat time on Sunday — when the meteorologist is planning some time on the lake, you know it’s going to be warm!)  A better chance of rain heads our way again Tuesday and Wednesday — the timing on that is still uncertain, so stay tuned for forecast revisions.

Didn’t have time to mine the internet for nerd-links, since I’ve been pulling double-duty in weather and traffic the past two mornings.  Your daily dose of nerdiness will return on Monday (I’m off at a conference tomorrow)…


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Morning meteorologist for WNCN-TV in Raleigh.
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One Response to January 12: Welcome To June-uary

  1. Fred says:

    Looks like we’re in for a quite a long stretch of excessively warm temps which, incidentally, coincides with what’s typically the coldest period of a calendar year. Warm Januarys are nothing new to Nashville, however, the length and magnitude of the current streak is unusual. Of the more recent examples, something similar happened in 1999, when from the 12th onward only 2 (slightly) cooler than average days were registered with the entire second half of January being warm to exceedingly warm. We’ll probably see a lot more grey during this June-uary span, so try not to become too depressed.

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