WINDY DAY…..But What IS Wind Anyway?

We all know it’s been a windy day.  Even if you haven’t ventured outdoors from your home, you surely have been able to hear it howl from time to time.  Look at winds right now across our area (as of 3pm)…


Some of the highest gusts so far today have been around Nashville:


That’s as strong as tropical storm force!


The Warren County Regional Airport in Bowling Green even had a peak gust near 50mph.  We’ve had a few trees blown down…and even a roof blown off a barn in Castalian Springs!


A Wind Advisory continues until 6pm for all of Middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky.


This evening, the wind will gradually settle down.  FUTURECAST shows that well…


With all this talk of wind, do you know what wind really is?  It’s actually just moving air!  If someone walks by you quickly even when you’re IN a building, the moving air their body generates is referred to as wind.

Wind forms on Earth because of differences in air pressure.  Air always flows from areas of higher pressure toward lower pressure.

Air works in just the same way that water does.  The next time you’re in the pool, push down on the water with an open hand….or even better, find a flutter board and use that, pushing down evenly and firmly.


Water from beneath the board (or your hand) will spread outward in all directions, in response to the higher pressure you’ve applied.

Differences in air pressure on Earth are brought on by differences in temperature, formed by the Earth’s uneven heating by the sun.


…and THAT (uneven heating) happens because the Earth is round, it’s constantly spinning, and revolving around the sun while being oriented on a tilted axis.

Alright….that’s it for today’s Meteorology 101!  You’re certified!

It’s not just wind we’re dealing with today.  Rain’s also developing.  We’ll tell you all about that (how much we expect, how long it’ll last, how much of tomorrow will be impacted, etc.) coming up on Channel 4 News, beginning at 4pm.  We hope you join us!


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