Upswing in Temperatures to Continue…PLUS Rain

We’ve finally gotten out of the meat locker and are having a chance to enjoy more average weather for January!  The average high for today is 46.  This is where we stand as of 3pm…


SO…more melting’s taking place….and at a faster rate than the last couple of days when we only had direct sunlight to rely on.  Still though, some of the snow remains.  Be especially careful driving on secondary roads protected from direct sunlight, as there, we still have some ice and/or packed snow.  In those areas, the ice and snow should finally melt tomorrow afternoon.

Clouds are sliding in from the Midwest, now, too…


No rain…yet.  Rain will return late tomorrow and tomorrow evening.  Take a look at FUTURECAST, which looks very believable to me:


We have a decent south wind out there this afternoon.  Check out recent wind gusts.


Tomorrow, the wind will be even stronger.  We’ll easily have gusts over 30mph throughout the day.

That strong wind tomorrow will pump temperatures up into the 50s!  It’ll be the mildest day in a week.

Tuesday night and Wednesday will bring an even better chance for rain.  Rain’s also very likely on Friday.  On all the other days through the next week, we have at least SOME chance for rain.  However, I fully expect many dry times, too.  Our warmest days will be Thursday and Sunday when highs will get close to 70.  I’ll share much more detail on the taste of spring we expect over the next week coming up on Channel 4 News at 4pm, 4:30pm, 5pm, 6pm, & 6:30pm.  We hope you tune in!


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