You’re currently enduring the coldest morning in two years!  Congratulations!  Your reward?  A much milder week ahead.

Right now (as of 7:45am), we’re sitting in the single digits for the most part.

DT DMA TEMPS ZOOM1_EffectSquiggle.png

The last time Nashville was this cold was on February 5th, 2015….when the temperature was just 5.  Funny thing is is THAT is National Weatherperson’s Day!

Debbie made me laugh when I saw her optimism a few minutes ago…


More optimism:  at least the wind has subsided.  SO…the wind chill is not a factor this morning.  It’s calm in most areas.  That means while today IS colder, yesterday morning actually FELT colder.

We have sunshine now, too.  It looks pretty, but also looks very cold!  See what looks like steam (actually they’re mixing clouds) rising in the distance?


Clouds are racing this way, though.  These are just cirrus clouds.  I refer to them as high and harmless.  They won’t make any snow or rain.  They’ll just blot out the sun a little this afternoon, keeping our temperatures from climbing out of the 20s in most areas.

Here’s a look at temperatures through today…


Across the rest of the area…


Let’s jump to this coming week.  We’ll have a mix of clouds and sunshine tomorrow, with an increasing south breeze.  That’ll warm us up above freezing for the first time in .  Highs will be in the low-mid 40s.

Then on Tuesday, clouds will become more prevalent and rain showers will return to the area….especially over our northwestern counties.  FUTURECAST shows this nicely.  By the way, Tuesday looks as if it’ll be an especially windy day, so bear that in mind if it’s significant to you/what you do.  Winds will gust into the 30s, easily.

Moving forward through the rest of the week, temperatures will be well above average. Most days will have highs in the 60s.  With a little more sunshine than expected, one or two days could clip 70!  Lows during the morning will be in the 40s and 50s.


Coming up on Channel 4 News Today, between 8am and 9am, I’ll have much on your forecast for the next 8 days.


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