Brutal Cold…then Warm Next Week

A 4WARN Weather Alert remains in effect until noon today because of the dangerous cold and wind chill.

Temperatures now are between 10 and 15 degrees….and it’s nearly 10am!


Wind chills are around zero….even below zero in spots.


For the most part it’s sunny, although there’s a small deck of low clouds that has moved in from Kentucky into northern Middle Tennessee.  See it on the satellite picture below?


You can also pick out the snowpack on the ground nicely!


That deck of low clouds will shake loose a few snow flurries….but nothing that will accumulate.

Despite these clouds, most areas are bright and sunny!  Look at the views from several communities below.  Interstate 440 at 21st looks fantastic (with just a little ice/snow on the shoulder).


While the interstates are in excellent condition, notice the icy parking lots at Battle Ground Academy in Franklin….and at the Saint Henry School in Nashville.  That’s as clear a view as we have to show you that parking lots and secondary roads are still very icy in spots….and unpredictable too.  You might be driving along on what appears to be a clear lane and all of a sudden run over a patch of ice/packed snow that covers the entire lane.  SO….use the interstates all you can today to get around, even if it takes you longer.  ALSO…watch your speeds and allow for a much greater braking distance than usual between you and the car in front of you.

This afternoon, sun will stick with us as the wind settles down.  That’ll bring the wind chill back above zero, but still keep it in the brutally cold zone.  Temperatures by 3pm should look like this…


7pm tonight…temps will be dropping quickly.


By dawn tomorrow, it’ll likely be at least as cold as it was last night.  Here’s a look at lows for Sunday morning…


The bitter cold will linger through Monday morning.  THEN, temperatures take off!  Notice how a springlike feel will return by the end of next week.


Due to NFL playoff football on NBC, Channel 4’s 5pm and 6pm newscasts won’t air tonight.  Be sure to tune in at 10pm though for an update on the cold and spring preview expected for next week on Channel 4 News at 10pm, with Daphne DeLoren.



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