A Temperature Roller Coaster

BRRR! A night to break out the hot cocoa and snuggie. Actual air temperatures are running in the mid to upper teens.


Toss in a light northwesterly wind and it’s enough to make it FEEL like the single digits around town…ouch!dt-dma-wind-chill-still1

I’m expecting overnight lows to drop near 10 degrees tonight which is about twenty degrees below average for this time of year. The good news? High pressure keeps us nice and dry so there’s no additional snow or ice to mess with your Saturday evening plans. In fact, roads have significantly improved, especially main roads. Secondary roads are still a bit slick in spots so just take it easy if you’re heading out and about.video-radar

Ready for some warmer weather? You’re not alone but you need to hang tight. Just ONE more day of sub-freezing temperatures before a much WARMER air mass welcomes itself to start the work week. Here’s how things shape up for your afternoon high on Sunday.daphne-icast-temperature

We’ll be right back to average on Monday, in the mid-40s. By Tuesday, hello upper 50s. The temperature ladder just keep climbing. When I used to forecast in Michigan we had a saying — “if you don’t like the weather today, just wait one more day.” Very fitting for this extended forecast in Middle Tennessee. From twenty degrees BELOW average this weekend, to twenty degrees ABOVE average by Thursday. Not bad, right?

The warmer weather does come at the cost of an unsettled weather pattern Tuesday through Saturday but with such warm temperatures, you can expect precipitation to be in the form of rain.  wsmv-4-plus-4-pm

I’ll have the full breakdown of this extended forecast coming up on channel 4 at 10 tonight! Stay warm!

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