UPDATE: Winter’s BACK….& Snow’s Expected for Some Soon

Here’s a brief update on the blog I wrote early this morning:

The latest round of computer models has come in.  Some of the models are a little more insistent that Nashville and many other communities along the I-40 corridor will receive a quick dusting of snow tomorrow afternoon/early evening.  While amounts will be minimal, the timing of this snow could make for some slick roads for the afternoon commute. Additionally, this is the first potential snow event of the season.  SO…ensure you stay informed on the weather through Channel 4, wsmv.com, and the Channel 4 apps.  School early dismissals and closures can also be viewed through these sources of information.  Here are my updated thoughts on accumulation potential by late tomorrow evening…





My goodness, what a change from this time yesterday!  Then, we had temperatures near 60.  Today, same time, it’s below freezing!

Outdoors as of 8am, we even have some spots reporting readings in the mid 20s.


It feels much colder with the northwest breeze.  Wind chills are holding in the teens in spots!


At least the clouds are clearing gradually.  Right now, the clearing line is along I-40.  Areas north of the interstate are bright and sunny.  To the south, it’s still gray.


Throughout the day, clouds will break considerably over the southern tier as well, allowing sunshine to return.  Still though, it’ll remain quite cold.  Highs this afternoon will mainly be in the 30s.  Nashville will do all it can to jump to 40.  Yup….just 40!


Want to laugh?  Look at that wimpy system over Nebraska and Wyoming right now.  THAT’s what likely to make for a few snow showers across our northern tier tomorrow and tomorrow night.


Early tomorrow, temperatures will be in the 20s as clouds begin to move back in.  Snow showers should develop over southern Kentucky during the afternoon and spread farther south into the evening (as the weather system now over Nebraska and Wyoming reaches our area).  To be honest, computer models are all over the place with this one.  Some are keeping the accumulating snow over central Kentucky (sparing our entire area).  Others drag accumulating bands of snow all the way down to the I-40 corridor tomorrow night.  It’s likely a blend of those two scenarios will pan out, as shown by this version of FUTURECAST I’ve chosen and posted below.

What that would do is drop a solid dusting to perhaps 1/2″ over southern KY and northern Middle TN.  On the upper Cumberland Plateau, as much as an inch could fall by late Thursday evening.  As for Nashville — likely just flurries or as much as a thin dusting.


On Friday, a storm will pass to our south just barely grazing southern Middle Tennessee.  There, snow showers and flurries will be possible as well.  Take a look at FUTURECAST for that time.

It’s no guarantee these snow showers will materialize over our southern counties — just a likelihood.  It’s possible the storm producing them will  pass too far to the south to impact us at all.  However, assuming we get at least a few snow showers, this is likely what would result:


More data will come in regarding both of these systems through today and tonight, so be sure to check back in with us for any tweaks to our forecast, on wsmv.com, on social media, and on Channel 4  News.  I’m back on @WSMV Channel 4 News at Noon. Then, Lisa Spencer will be in the 4WARN Weather Center with another update this evening on Channel 4 News at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 6:30pm, and 10pm.



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