Bye-Bye Mild Air….Hello Cold & Some Snow

Super mild air’s in place again today….but not for long.  With the cold that will move in, some snow will be possible, too.  SO…get ready for a big change!

This morning, temperatures are actually a dozen degrees above the average HIGH temperatures for the date.  They’re more than 30 degrees above the average lows.  The calendar says winter, but it absolutely feels like spring!


It’s humid outdoors again, too.  Dewpoints are running in the 50s, which is more typical of April.


With the mild and humid air, we have a lot of clouds and some rain.  Here’s a look at 4WARN Live Doppler Radar as of 8:45am…


Notice the cold air looming just to our northwest.


That will slide in tonight and make for several chilly days here.  As that cold approaches, even more rain showers will develop over our area this afternoon.  FUTURECAST shows that nicely:

Tomorrow, temperatures will be in the mid 30s to start.  During the afternoon, we’ll struggle to reach 40!  That’ll be a shock to the system!

Thursday and Friday will be the most interesting days weatherwise for the next week or so.  On Thursday, a weak weather system will pass by to our north, bringing snow flurries and snow showers.  Southern Kentucky has a decent chance of picking up a dusting of snow….as temperatures hold in the 30s.  Take a look at FUTURECAST for Thursday.

On Friday or Friday night (exact timing is still unclear), a storm will move well south of the Mid State across the Gulf of Mexico.  That’ll put southern Middle Tennessee on the northern fringe of snow showers and accumulating snow.  It’s becoming increasingly likely communities along the TN/AL line will receive as much as a dusting of snow.  Farther south in northern Alabama and north Georgia, snow totals should be even higher.

Putting it all together, here’s the outlook through early next week.  It’ll feel like winter from tomorrow right through the weekend.  Early next week though, springlike conditions will return.


Notice the snow chances for Thursday and Friday aren’t through the roof.  I’m keeping them rather low — at 30%.  I’m calling it 30% because we’ll only be grazed by both weather systems. That means many communities will miss out on snow entirely this go-around (especially those along the I-40 corridor).

I’ll be back on Channel 4 News at noon today with another update on the chances for snow later this week.  Lisa Spencer will be on tonight with another update at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 6:30pm, and 10pm.  We hope you join us!



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