Severe Threat, Springlike Warmth, Bitter Cold, & Snow

A severe threat, springlike warmth, bitter cold, and some snow –did I leave anything out?  That’s what the next seven days will bring to us in Middle Tennessee!

This morning, we’re still dealing with areas of fog, although it’s less of an issue than it was before.  The Dense Fog Advisory we had earlier has expired.  This is the way it looks outdoors now, as of 9:25am:

It feels like April outdoors too!  Check out current temperatures.  On top of the mild air, it’s a little muggy.


We have many areas of drizzle and mist, but very few showers.  4WARN Live Doppler doesn’t show a whole lot….although heavy rain is moving into southwest Tennessee…


Notice the shield of even heavier rain even farther south.  It’s all moving in our direction.  The wet weather back in Louisiana and Texas will move into the Mid State this evening, producing our greatest chance for thunderstorms, some of which could be strong-severe.


Here’s a look at the severe weather threat today.  The Storm Prediction Center has us in a Marginal Threat, with a greater chance for severe thunderstorms farther south.  Closer to the Gulf Coast, there will be even more instability along with more significant wind energy making for a greater threat for damaging weather there.

FUTURECAST through today is just doing a so-so job.  Based on current radar trends, I’d expect even more rain than shown here over the next several hours…

Even though it’ll remain cloudy today, temperatures will climb into the mid 60s by late this afternoon.  That’s 20 degrees above average (just like this morning).


As I mentioned above, we have an even better chance for thunderstorms tonight.  Count on heavy downpours, lightning, thunder, and possibly damaging wind gusts with a few of the storms…

After midnight, our chance for strong storms ends.  We’ll just have light showers, with more drizzle, mist, and fog early tomorrow.

On Wednesday, colder, drier air will move in breaking up the clouds.  On Thursday, Arctic air become fully entrenched over this part of the country.


Did you notice the snow shower icon on the graphic above?  There’s a decent chance we’ll have flurries and snow showers on Thursday as bitter cold air moves in.  Some parts of the Mid State may even pick up a dusting of snow.


With all the dramatic changes in our weather over the next several days, don’t forget to use our free Channel 4 apps!  They’re super convenient and helpful.  I use them both!


Coming up tonight on Channel 4 News, Lisa Spencer will be in the 4WARN Weather Center to track any thunderstorms in our neck of the woods.  She’ll also have an update on the threat for snow showers later this week.


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