Ringing on the New Year with RAIN!

Ringing on the new year on a soggy note! Light showers and patchy fog have been the trend all evening but things are now improving. Most of the moisture is east of I-65 (9:33 pm here) and continues skirting out of here.


Thick clouds keep temperatures steady, in the lower 40s across the region…


Tomorrow is the big game! Titans take on the Texans and kickoff is at noon. Weather honestly won’t be too bad. We will have a passing shower or two, nothing heavy and no thunderstorms expected. Winds will remain light and the game will start in the lower 50-degree range…


Futurecast confirms light scattered showers throughout the day…


So far this weekend, we’ve only seen light rain shwoers. System number two will be a bit more potent, arriving from the west late day on Monday. Some storms could be strong to even severe.

dd-rpm-12km-evening4pngdd-rpm-12km-evening5dd-rpm-12km-evening6As of now, the Storm Prediction Center has us under a ‘Marginal Risk’ for severe weather. Be sure to stay tuned for updates…


I’ll have more on these upcoming storms and unseasonably warm temperatures ahead coming up on channel 4 at 10!7-day-pm

Happy Happy New Year!


-Daphne DeLoren

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