Welcome back, December!

A moment many have been waiting for…hello, sunshine! We missed you. Not a cloud to point out this morning, crisp air, and just beautiful.


It definitely does not feel very sunny. It’s feeling more like DECEMBER! What a concept, right? 🙂 Yesterday I was pointing to upper 40s on the map. This morning, Middle Tennessee is back to our seasonal average, in the upper 20s to lower 30s.


An approaching warm front will rapidly increase temperatures and cloud cover throughout the day. Upper 50s will be the trend by the afternoon.


Showers hold off until the second half of the day. Check it out…dd-rpm-12km-evening

Areas west of I-65 can expect to see the initial batch of rain, starting around 3 PM…dd-rpm-12km-evening2

By dinner time, a good chunk of the area will need the umbrella. Though severe weather is not anticipated at this time, I do expect a few thunderstorms blossoming out after sunset…dd-rpm-12km-evening3dd-rpm-12km-evening6dd-rpm-12km-evening7

Sunshine but windy conditions (gusts up to 30 mph) take over on Thursday. Our next chance of rain could have better timing with holiday weekend plans but it will not be a complete wash out. I’m expecting a dry Saturday morning before on and off showers settle in for the days following. Seasonable upper 40s on Friday and Saturday gradually warm back up into the lower 60s by Monday.wsmv-7-day-am

I’ll have much more on this roller coaster forecast coming up on channel 4 at noon today!

Make it a great day!

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One Response to Welcome back, December!

  1. Fred says:

    What a cruel joke this December has been. After lulling us to believe it was going to be comfortably cold, the last 7 days have been mild to obscenely warm. 76 for Christmas?! No thanks from me. Almost certainly, we’ll wrap up the year with yet another warm month, eleventh in a row, and 2016 is bound to become the warmest year on record. But what did you expect from the year of the Devil himself? 2016 = 666+666+666+6+6+6. So many sixes, it’s SICK(s);-). All right, rant over. The good news: a) this year is almost through with us b) relief from the drought is welcome.

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