Showers and Storms Jog Near, Middle Tennessee

Those who asked Santa for a warm Christmas, must have been top on the nice list. Not only was it unseasonably WARM, but we beat our last warmest Christmas of 73 degrees set back in 1889! 76 was the official high reported from Nashville International airport.

It’s been a peaceful but very cloudy morning so far…


A few light misty showers jog through our northwestern counties but besides that, your 8:37 am radar update is clear…as a whistle.


Temperatures still run incredibly warm for this time in late December. Average is 30 degrees and we are waking up to temps thirty to even forty degrees warmer! My goodness.wsmv-dma-temps-zoom1_effectsquiggle-autoplot

We don’t stop there. Mother Nature decides to bring one more round of lower 70s today…daphne-icast-temperature

This is all warm air ahead of an approaching cold front currently stationed to our west. You can see it exiting southeastern Missouri, headed our way!


Futurecast does a great job of timing out the

Bulk of the moisture arrives around dinnertime, from west to east. Though I’m not expecting a severe weather event, I am expecting locally heavy rain at times. Winds will also pick up (even ahead of the rain, breezy as we speak). Tennessee is still under a moderate drought so the anticipated rain will be a good thing. Here’s how much rain I’m expecting through Tuesday: areas under GREEN can expect up to 0.5″ and areas under the BLUE can expect rainfall totals as high as 1.5.” Nice.


Showers will carry on into the early morning on Tuesday but mainly east of I-65. Noticeably cooler conditions take over on Tuesday through Thursday before seasonable upper 40s knock on the door by Friday. Our next chance for rain will be with an approaching system next weekend…


I’ll have the full shower and storm timeline coming up on Channel 4 at noon today!

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