Holiday Travel: What We’re Watching

Many of you will be traveling for the holidays over the next several days.


For the most part, travel weather looks great!  We start with tomorrow…


Notice that green lights on the map above mean it’ll be problem-free.  Locally, the weather looks very good, too.  It won’t be as warm as today, when we had a high of 57!


Here are a few more forecasts for some of our largest cities:


While spots of fog are possible during the morning, dense freezing fog shouldn’t be a widespread problem.  One reason is that it won’t be as cold.  Many communities will bottom out ABOVE freezing for a change.  There’s also a cloud deck in place now that will help to inhibit fog production overnight.  Finally, a cold front that passes through late tonight and early tomorrow should usher in some slightly drier air, reducing our fog chances.  All that said, there could be a spot of two that form.  If you encounter it, you know the drill.  Reduce your speed significantly BEFORE you reach a bank of fog.  You’ll be able to see it coming.  ALSO, expand the distance between  you and the vehicle in front of you to lengthen your reaction time if someone brakes suddenly.

Jumping to Christmas Day….the weather looks very good!  It’ll be even warmer than today.  Here are my latest thoughts on December 25th:


In between now and then (i.e. Friday and Saturday), we’ll have to deal with some rain.  SO…travel, whether it be to Grandma’s or just the mall, WILL be affected.  Coming up tonight on Channel 4 News at 10pm, we’ll talk more about this aspect of the forecast.



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