December 21: Winter Is Here, Christmas Warmth, Daily Links


Once again this morning, we had to contend with thick freezing fog…but the fog and low cloud cover shouldn’t take as long to clear, compared to yesterday (I typed that less-than-confidently at 5:45am, but it’s actually working out well as I’m about to hit “publish”).  High temperatures will top out around 50° this afternoon under partly cloudy skies:

Chilly tonight, with lows near freezing by Thursday morning…
…then highs will reach the mid 40s on Thursday:

Back to the low 50s Friday despite increasing clouds, with a good chance of showers in the forecast Friday night and during the day Christmas Eve.  That system is just getting into Futurecast range — you can see the rain spreading in from the west, well after sunset:
rpm-9p-fri rpm-12a-sat rpm-3a-sat
It will be warm enough for all rain, but cool enough to preclude any severe weather threat…in fact, I don’t even think you’ll hear any rumbles of thunder:

Christmas Day looks warm and breezy, with highs in the mid 60s and just a slight chance of showers.  The best chance of rain on Sunday will be well to our west — and look how far to the north the rain will spread!  It’s not often that Minneapolis has a rainy Christmas:

The Christmas Day weather system in the middle of the country will head our way Monday, with a good chance of showers and thunderstorms late in the day…probably after sunset, but that’s still a long way down the line in the extended forecast:
Yet another good chance of rain on Wednesday — add up all of the rain chances, and the European estimates 3″-4″ of total rainfall:
That won’t END the drought conditions, but every little bit helps!  We’ll get an update from the U.S. Drought Monitor tomorrow, which I’ll share with you here.




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