Freezing Fog ROUND TWO

Round two of freezing fog is already developing.  For some, it’ll be just like round one, which occurred this morning.

This is the way it looked in Franklin early today.


Nick in McEwen captured this beautiful view!


There was also some very light snow.  The deck of low clouds that formed with some of this freezing fog had enough lift and moisture with it to generate a little burst of snow.  Columbia seems to have received the most….where nearly 1/4″ fell.  Thanks to Channel 4 viewer Amanda for this photo!


Well….more fog’s forming now, as of 9:36pm on Monday.  Take a look at 4WARN Live Doppler in fog mode:


Where you see the yellow shading, visibility is down around one mile.  SO….please be especially careful while driving early in the morning and take these things into consideration…


Wind will be lightest over eastern Middle Tennessee tonight, so the most widespread problems should happen there.  West of I-65 though, I also expect at least patchy freezing fog.

Tomorrow will be milder and brighter, once any fog burns off.  Highs will be around 50!


Then, as we get into Christmas weekend, temperatures soar!  I’ll talk more about that and get specific on when rain’s most likely this weekend coming up on Channel 4 News at 10pm.


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