December 20: Warming Trend, Daily Links


We started the morning with FRIGID temperatures and some dense freezing fog:
But that’s not all…some locations along and south of I-40 woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground!  These pictures were sent to me on Facebook from around Columbia:
15585183_1191563574225869_503945078928085857_o 15645336_1542994785716378_1424185311_n
More of the same around parts of Nashville as I’m about to hit “publish” — snow definitely wasn’t in the forecast…so what the heck happened?  The same moisture that produced low cloud cover and fog for most of us was just enough to interact with a weak disturbance passing through, and produce a brief period of “spontaneous” light snow (i.e. not associated with a large-scale storm system).  Accumulations weren’t measurable, but any layer of flakes between your tires and the road is more than you want to deal with.  The National Weather Service put out a good summary of the snow and freezing fog this morning:

The fog and low cloud cover will be stubborn this morning, but a warm-up begins to kick in today, with at least partial sunshine by this afternoon and high temperatures in the low to mid 40s:
The exact stubborn-ness of the low cloud cover could force a revision of that temperature forecast…check into Channel 4 News at Noon for updates.  [NOON UPDATE: Yup, we just can’t shake the clouds.  Highs will likely be 3 or 4 degrees cooler than what you see on the map above.]  We’ll drop back to the low to mid 20s tonight…
…then climb to around 50° Wednesday:

Warmer-than-normal temperatures are in the forecast for Christmas weekend, along with a decent chance of showers Friday night into Saturday.  Christmas Day itself looks warm and windy, with highs in the mid 60s and just a limited chance of showers:

The warm and windy weather on Christmas will be due to a strong storm system moving through the middle of the country:
That system will move into the Midstate late Monday, bringing us a good chance of rain and some thunderstorms.  At this point I’m not concerned about our severe weather potential, but we’ll keep a close eye on things over the next several days, just in case.




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2 Responses to December 20: Warming Trend, Daily Links

  1. Fred says:

    Ok, so that’s what it was – a spontaneous snow combustion, err, production. There was an article on the NWS site about mysterious snow showers of December 11, 2013. The title piqued my curiosity, however, the article had been deleted by the time I saw it. Thanks for sharing the info on the subject. On another matter.., Dan wrote some time ago that the persistent warmth we’d had for so long is but a fading memory now, I could not agree more also thinking about the wealth of sunshine we were blessed with for almost the entire fall, just before the clouds finally broke for much-missed sunshine. Since November 22, however, Nashville has registered only 3 clear days in stark contrast to 44 such days between August 28 – Nov 21, which was clearly above normal. Anyways, the upside to the predominantly cloudy weather is that we’ve significantly cut the rain deficit. Will post some of my research on the change in cloud cover locally over the last few decades if that’s ok with you guys.

  2. Fred says:

    One more weather fact of the day. Today, December 20 is officially the coldest day ever in Nashville, by one measure, at least. It’s the only calendar day left when temperature has never reached 70. The highest for the day is 69F, last seen in 1978 and prior to that also in 1971, 1949 and 1889. Previously the day with the lowest maximum temperature was December 22 at 67F set in 1875 and again in 1933. Last year, that record fell when temperature climbed to 70 during Nashville’s second warmest December with multiple records set or tied.

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