Morning Drive: Something to Watch

All the talk for the last 24 hours has been about bitter cold.  However, we’ll have to add something to the mix for tomorrow morning’s drive.  That is — freezing fog.

While freezing fog in the morning shouldn’t be tremendously widespread, I do expect some patches of it here and there.  Of greatest concern will be areas around water.  It’ll be plenty cold to make metal bridges slick where it forms…and if it’s persistent, it could even make paved/concrete bridges a bit slippery.

Here’s the set-up.  It’s very cold out already.  Take a look at current temperatures. SIDE NOTE:  for those curious, Burkesville is NOT zero :).  The sensor there has stopped working.  Hopefully it’ll be fixed by the organization that maintains it soon.


The polar airmass in place in our area is dry, but not as dry as it can be with Arctic outbreaks.  SO…as the wind goes calm tonight, areas of fog will form.  It’ll be below freezing everywhere, so where the fog’s dense enough, the droplets will freeze on contact.  Already, some fog is forming over far East Tennessee.  It’s showing up as the yellow blobs on 4WARN Live Doppler, in fog mode.  Clarksville’s airport is also reporting thin fog forming, as of 9pm.


This is what our temperatures should look like in the morning…


Any fog that forms will burn off very quickly…by 8-9am.  Then, temperatures will begin their climb!  With full sunshine and very little wind, it’ll easily warm into the 40s.  Here’s a look at projected highs for tomorrow afternoon:


Wednesday looks even warmer.  Friday also appears mild!


Even warmer air will take over for Christmas Day and early next week.  SO….what this means is that once the Arctic air retreats to Canada tomorrow, it’ll remain blocked from returning to Middle Tennessee for a while to come.  Take a look at the Climate Prediction Center’s outlook for next week.  The takeaway from this is that much of the last week and a half of December should feature temperatures in the 50s or above for highs.


With this warmup coming, travel looks fantastic for the holidays.  Coming up on Channel 4 News at 10pm tonight we’ll talk more about this aspect of the forecast.  We’ll also be more precise on Christmas weekend regarding temperatures and our potential for rain.


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