Ice Arrives & Wintry Cold Returns

From the 70s yesterday to the 20s now….it feels like a completely different season outdoors this morning!  To top it off, most of us have had some freezing rain, sleet, and/or snow.  Here’s the latest view of 4WARN Live Doppler Radar…


A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for eastern Middle Tennessee until midday, when the sleet and freezing rain wind down there.


Pictures have been funneling in revealing what this fleeting round of wintry weather has done.  Here are a few…

This is from Debbie, in Clarksville…


Another view in Clarksville shows more ice and light snow accumulation.  Thanks Ginger for this:


Look at Antioch this morning, courtesy of Connie:


Please be very careful while out and about today.  Many decks, porches, railings, and sidewalks are slick.  We’ve heard that many of the secondary roads along the TN/KY line are slippery in spots.  Bridges and overpasses are likely icy here and there, but not everywhere.  Farther south, while there haven’t been many reports, we have received a few.  Here’s one from Williamson County.


Here’s another from Wilson County…


Temperatures continue to tick downward, even though the sun has risen.  This is where we stand as of 7:30am…


The wind will be less significant today than it was yesterday, but it’ll still be noticeable and make for a biting wind chill all day long.  This is what it feels like outdoors now…


We’re on the far southern fringe of this Arctic air this morning.  Just for fun, I have to show you temperatures and wind chills in the northern Plains.  These are about as low as they go for December even in that part of the country…

Clouds are prevalent now and will only partially break apart this afternoon.  SO…sunshine won’t help all that much with melting or making it feel better outdoors.


The clouds and reinforcing northerly wind will keep temperatures where they are (for the most part).


Wind chills won’t be much better…

FUTURECAST shows the precipitation exiting nicely this morning.  Again, we’ll keep some clouds around today.

Tomorrow, the very cold air lingers.  Then, we see a moderation in temperature by midweek.  A little rain’s likely Wednesday night and early Thursday, as shown by the 4Day Forecast below.


Mild air will continue into Christmas weekend.  I’ll tell you all about that and what we’ll have to watch for Christmas Day on Channel 4 News Today, from 8am until 9am.  We hope you tune in!


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2 Responses to Ice Arrives & Wintry Cold Returns

  1. fredsconsulting says:

    You guys get a little taste of the northern weather, but doesn’t last long it looks like.

  2. Fred says:

    It does feel like a different season, indeed! Nashville set a record yesterday for the largest temperature drop in one hour. The daily high temperature for yesterday was a near record high 73, measured at 11:12PM and the daily low was 42 just 47 minutes later! 15 minutes later it fell a degree lower. That’s a 32-degree drop in 1 hour. Also, the temperature fell to 21 as of 3:15PM today. That’s a 52-degree decline in 16 hours, just one degree shy of the record drop over that span that occurred in December 1990.
    The data can be found here: (results have not yet been adjusted to reflect the current data)

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