Coldest Night Yet….& then a Rebound

Tonight will be the coldest of the season so far.  Right now, we’re nearly there, and it’s only 9:25pm.


Back on December 10th, Nashville dropped to 19 degrees and Clarksville bottomed out at 14.  We should beat those lows overnight with these numbers by dawn:


The wind will continue to play a role in our weather, making it feel colder through the overnight.  “Feels like temperatures” are mainly in the teens.  You know it’s cold when your pink tie matches the wind chill map!


By morning, it’ll mainly be in the single digits.


Clouds continue to hang around, producing a few snow flurries from time to time.  Paul Anderson of Brentwood reported some earlier this evening.  4WARN Live Doppler Radar doesn’t show much, but a few are out there.


We won’t have any accumulation where flurries do develop.  They’ll just blow around.  Roads are in good shape for travel tonight & early tomorrow, too.  The strong wind earlier today dried up the remaining puddles and moisture before it became a big problem.

Tomorrow, clouds will break allowing through a bit more sunshine.  As a result, temperatures will recover to freezing in many communities:


Notice down the road that Arctic air will leave us alone for a while, once it moves out Tuesday afternoon.  Wednesday will actually feel comparatively mild!


The forecast for Christmas weekend looks similar, although rain will begin to return then.  We’ll have more on that forecast tonight on Channel 4 News, after the game.  We hope you join us!


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