Weekend Weather Roller Coaster Ride

What a difference a day can make in the weather! Yesterday, skies were filled with radiant sunshine with temperatures only touching the upper 20s to lower 30s. Today, we see clouds blanketing the bright blue and noticeably warmer temperatures, in the middle to upper 40-degree range.


Satellite imagery confirms, we are ALL seeing the clouds. How about that for a cloud party on a Friday?video-vipir

Clouds and warmer temperatures are a little precursor to a wild weekend roller coaster ride. A strong warm front following by a strong cold front are both headed our way, bringing all sorts of precipitation and temperatures variations with it. We’ll start with spotty showers tonight, in the form of RAIN…am-rpm-4kmam-rpm-4km2am-rpm-4km3

The first half of Saturday looks much the same — scattered rain and even warmer temperatures, climbing into the upper 60s to lower 70s, about twenty degrees ABOVE average. Once we transition into the late afternoon into the evening, that’s when steam picks up a bit. I’m expecting heavy downpours, thunderstorms (some of which could be strong to severe), and gusty winds — initially impacting areas west of I-65 right around dinner time.


The Storm Prediction Center has upgraded to a ‘Slight Risk’ to include our southwestern counties. Any storms that do develop into reaching severe criteria, will have damaging winds as the main impact. The best chance for this will be late on Saturday…


I interrupt this broadcast…

Image result for i interrupt this broadcast

Check out our temperature gradient as the cold front pushes through late on Saturday night. From mid-60s to a sharp drop into the lower 30s…all in the snap of a finger.


This is the point at which our precipitation type will transition quickly, into more of a wintry mix — starting from the northwest to the southeast, overnight into the early morning on Sunday. Though little to no accumulation is expected, roads will be slick so please take it easy and drive SLOW(ER) if you plan on heading out.



So here it is friends — rain, ice, snow, 70s, teens, clouds, sunshine, gusty winds, and potential for severe storms…just in the matter of a few days. Are you dizzy yet? I don’t blame you.


I’ll have the full breakdown coming up on channel 4 at 4 & 4:30 pm today.

Be safe and have a wonderful weekend!

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