Coldest Air of the Season Moves in TONIGHT!

The coldest air of the season will move in overnight!  By morning it will feel 30° colder than it did this afternoon.  In the meantime, we sit and wait.  Temperatures outdoors now are mainly in the 30s with our coldest communities along the Tennessee/Kentucky line now in the upper 20s.


Take a look at the bitter cold air that’s lurking just north:


Strong northerly winds will develop across Middle Tennessee after midnight funneling those January-like temperatures into our area.  Notice the windchill we expect around sunrise tomorrow:


Air temperatures at that time will be hovering near 20.  Given the expected very cold weather for tomorrow, please consider getting in touch with any elderly family members, friends, neighbors, church members, etc. to make sure their heat works properly and to let them know it’s probably best that they just home and indoors tomorrow.


As for pets, it will simply be too cold for them to remain outdoors for an extended period of time.  These dangerous conditions will linger until midday Friday.  Please….keep them inside except for short potty breaks.  They’ll love you even more for it.


The wind will begin to settle down some tomorrow afternoon so the windchill won’t be quite as biting then.  For many of us though, the air temperature will never make it to freezing.  In fact most areas will go a full 36 hours without reaching 32 degrees.  Here’s a look at the windchill at 3 PM tomorrow.


These are tomorrow’s high temperatures.  Notice how many communities will remain in the 20°s!


Once temperatures bottom out Friday morning in the mid to high teens, this first round of Arctic air will begin to move away.

A second round of Arctic air will move in on Sunday though.  In between round one and round two, springlike conditions will develop on Saturday.  Temperatures then will reach well into the 60s!  We’ll have a lot of wind, some rain, a few thunderstorms, and even a bit of humidity to begin the weekend before that second round of bitter cold returns Sunday morning. There’s still the possibility snow showers will be spotted here and there Sunday morning, too.

I’ll share more on that important weekend storm and when rain could impact holiday travel next week, tonight on Channel 4 News at 10pm. We hope you tune in!


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