Two Arctic Blasts On the Way

Two blasts of Arctic air are on the way toward Middle Tennessee.  The first will begin moving in tomorrow night.  The second will arrive on Sunday.

Outdoors tonight, it’s just chilly, but not bitterly cold.  Temperatures now are in the upper 30s in most spots.


Clouds have parted in some areas, but not all…


Where clouds remain broken past midnight, it’ll be possible to see the Geminid Meteor Shower, which peaks tonight.  The supermoon will compete, casting a tremendous amount of light in the sky.  Still though, with a good break in the clouds, you might be able to see one every few minutes.


The problem is that overnight, clouds should regenerate where they’ve temporarily cleared.  FUTURECAST shows that trend.

Temperatures by dawn will be within a few degrees of freezing.  In spots where low clouds produce mist or drizzle, beware there could be a thin coat of ice on cars, railings, and other metal surfaces.  This doesn’t look like it’ll be a widespread problem.  It’s still worth keeping in mind for the morning drive though, especially along the TN/KY line.


Wednesday afternoon, temperatures will climb into the low-mid 40s, which is several degrees below our average for this time of year.


Without the clouds scattering, we’d all remain in the 30s.  Notice the clearing trend that will take place into the afternoon.  Most areas will see at least SOME brightening.

Then, tomorrow night, Arctic air will begin to pour in!  You can clearly see the frigid weather developing just a couple hundred miles to our north.


While we won’t have subzero wind chills here, it WILL feel like the teens and high single digits early on Thursday morning!


Thursday afternoon, the wind chill won’t be much better.


Our second blast of Arctic air in this forecast should produce a little snow.  That will happen on Sunday.  Ahead of that, we’ll have a springlike Saturday with warmth, humidity, wind, rain, and some thunderstorms.

Coming up tonight on Channel 4 News at 10pm, I’ll share much more information on that.  We hope you join us!



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