Unsettled Pattern to Continue…then FRIGID

It’s December and this is what you typically get — long bouts with clouds, chilly temperatures, and rounds of rain and or snow.  While we don’t have snow yet, we certainly have everything else.  Here’s a look outdoors as of 3pm across many of our cities…

Clouds have parted for some (like Clarksville, shown in the largest view above), but for others, they continue to hold strong and will into tonight…


Notice another cloud system developing to the west, sliding our way.  It’ll expand as it pushes into the Mid State this evening and overnight, eventually producing more rain for us.


In the meantime, tonight should be a good night to enjoy Columbia’s Christmas Parade, postponed from last week.  Snowbird will be in it, as it rolls at 7pm.  Be sure to wave to him if you go.


Before we talk about tomorrow’s rain, let’s recap last night’s.  In general, most areas received between a 1/2 inch and 1 inch.  Here are Doppler radar rainfall estimates.  Higher amounts fell over eastern Middle Tennessee.


Tomorrow’s system will be quite a bit lighter.  Not everyone will get rain.  Where we do, a tenth of an inch or so can be expected.  The latest timing has it reaching Nashville by dawn.

Throughout the day, showers will spread east, and exit quickly tomorrow afternoon, but clouds will linger.

Temperatures tomorrow will be held down because of the clouds and rain.  Here’s a look at expected highs:


On that system’s heels, cold air will take over.  Highs on Wednesday will only be in the upper 30s and low-mid 40s.  On Thursday, it’ll be a victory if the temperature peaks above freezing!

Even more rain is due in this weekend.  Coming up later today on Channel 4 News, beginning at 4pm, we’ll talk about that.  We’ll also talk about the potential for a little snow to fly before this time next week.  We hope you join us!






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