Rain is Knocking on Our Door, Middle Tennessee

Light to moderate showers continue spilling into Middle tennessee, mainly impacting areas north of I-40 and west of I-24. Temperatures in the lower 50s will not budge much, and that is all thanks to the cloud cover. Expect upper 40s overnight into the very early morning, about ten degrees above average for this time of the year.wsmv-dma-temps-zoom1_effectsquiggle-autoplot

Showers pick up in number and they’ll be heavy at times….we still really need the rain so this is GOOD news! So far, it’s mainly been in the form of light to moderate showers.Wind gusts up to 30 mph has also been a main highlight. I;m sure that was one of the first things you noticed stepping out the door today. As this cold front continues pushing southeast, we’ll continue seeing the rain but mainly while most are sound asleep. Here’s the timeline…dd-rpm-12km-eveningdd-rpm-12km-evening2dd-rpm-12km-evening3dd-rpm-12km-evening6

Most of the action diminishes just after the morning commute. Lingering showers continue from west to east until around noon but winds will considerably lighten up!

Anywhere from o.5″ to 1.5″ of rain can be expected for areas under the BLUE (all of Middle Tennessee) through Monday…paul-ecmwf-rain

Here’s  peak ahead. I’ll time out the rain, warm up before a cool down and next approaching system by late week coming up on channel 4 at 10:30pm (likely later due to football delays).7-day-pm

Be sure to join Paul Heggen bright and early at 4 am for updates…

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