WEEKEND: Cold Eases as Rain Returns

The cold will loosen its grip as we head through the weekend, to make way for clouds and the return of some rain.

Outdoors this morning, it’s VERY cold — in fact, it’s the coldest we’ve been thus far this season.  Take a look at temperatures as of 8:05am.


At least there’s no wind chill.  That makes all the difference on a morning like this.  If you like to kick off the weekend with some exercise outdoors — a walk or jog — as long as you dress in layers and put yourself in sunshine you’ll be just fine because there’s no wind.

Temperatures will climb gradually today, eventually getting into the mid 30s to lower 40s.  Here’s a look at Nashville’s outlook through today…


Now, see below for the rest of the area….next hour and at 3pm.

The weather for Historic Downtown Franklin’s Dickens of a Christmas looks very good.  That’ll be both today and tomorrow.  For today, the hours are 10am – 5pm.  Tomorrow it’s 10am until 4pm.  If you go, expect to see a couple hundred musicians, dancers, and characters from Charles Dickens’ books.  It’s Middle Tennessee’s largest Christmas festival!  Here’s today’s outlook…


Throughout today, the wind will be very light in our area…from the east-northeast.  Tomorrow, the wind direction will shift to more of a southerly flow.  Notice well west of us this morning, the wind has bent around to the south.  There, it’s quite a bit milder.


For that reason, I expect tomorrow morning will be a good 5-10 degrees milder…or less cold.  We should start at 28 in Nashville and soar all the way to 55 during the afternoon.

The Titans forecast looks excellent for tomorrow – just increasing clouds and a kickoff temperature around 50.  That said, it will become quite breezy.  The wind will make it feel cooler, so make sure if you’re going to the game you still dress warmly.


Rain will hold off for the game, but return tomorrow night.  The exception to that is out along the Tennessee River, where showers could arrive tomorrow before dark.

Notice how the rain thickens up tomorrow night and continues into Monday morning’s commute, on FUTURECAST.  The afternoon drive on Monday however should be problem-free from the weather.

More Arctic air will return to the Mid State late in the week.  I’ll tell you all about that in moments on Channel 4 News Today, from 8:30am to 9:30am.  Daphne DeLoren will also have an update this evening, on Channel 4 News at 5pm.




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