Coldest Air Arrives to End a Hot Year

You may have heard there is a slight chance of some snow flurries in the forecast overnight and tomorrow morning.  Snowbird will not be pleased with my assessment, but this will not be enough to close schools. But it will be cold…really cold…the coldest air for the season.


A blast of cold air from the north will move in, this will bring lows to the teens this weekend in Middle Tennessee.


A cold front will bring in the cold air tonight. There is some snow along that front now, but it looks like it will diminish before reaching Tennessee with the exception of a few flurries. The cold air will rush end on a strong northwest wind.  So the highs will only be near 40 and the wind will make it feel even colder, near freezing.


Friday and Saturday mornings will drop to the teens in many areas.  The sun will be out, but the high will only be in the mid 30s Friday and mid 40s on Saturday.  The next chance of rain will approach Sunday night.


Some things to keep in mind with this cold blast…I’ll call it the 3 P’s of winter.  Watch out for people, pets and pipes during this extreme cold.


While we are talking about cold air, warm air data for the year is being examined. Just like the past two years, 2016 is on track to be the hottest year recorded around the world. In the United States, the average temperature for the year is on pace to be the second hottest in 122 years of records. Every state in the country list 2016 among the top 10 hot years.


In Nashville, 2016 is deemed the hottest since 1875 by Climate Central. This summer certainly seemed like the never ending summer.


Cold air will definitely have the headlines over the next several days.  I’ll have an update on Channel 4 News at 10pm.

Lisa Spencer




About Lisa Spencer

Lisa Spencer is the chief meteorologist at WSMV Channel 4 Nashville. You can catch her weathercasts weekdays at 5pm, 6pm and 10pm.
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3 Responses to Coldest Air Arrives to End a Hot Year

  1. Fred says:

    After six straight months of way-above average temps (we’d had by far the hottest June-November period), it’s nice to get a cold break. It’s interesting to compare the overall heat this year to other years notable for protracted heat spells. Here’re the graphs for current year:


    and 2007:
    As can be seen, 2016 has had clearly above the normal frequency for temps up to 95F, however, really high readings (t>95F) were actually less frequent than average and much less than 2010 and especially 2007. As far as heat index values go (or “misery index” as I refer to them) the picture is similar:


    and simply monstrous 1980 (2007 wasn’t chosen as it was a very dry year dew point-wise):
    So, as has already been stated ad nauseam, this year’s heat has been a rather odd beast: hot, exceptionally long but not very intense. I hope you all enjoyed it, I know I did:).

  2. Fred says:

    Thank you, Lisa and the rest of the crew for your professionalism, pleasant, down-to-earth personalities and content-rich blog!

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