December 6: Rain Ending, Cold Weather Ahead, Daily Links


More very-welcome rain fell across the Midstate last night and into this morning — the radar-estimated rain map as of 8am shows the heaviest amounts to the south and east of Nashville:video-radarThat’s more than 2″ in the yellow-shaded spots, more than 1″ in the dark green, and more than a half-inch in the light green.  Officially in Nashville we’ve picked up 0.34″ since midnight (again, as of 8am).

The widespread rain this morning is moving off to the east/northeast, which will leave us with just isolated showers along the Cumberland Plateau this afternoon:

The cloud cover will remain stubborn all day, so temperatures won’t change much — a cold front moving in by midday will usher in northwesterly winds to drop our temperatures very gradually throughout the day:

We’ll drop to the mid 30s tonight…
…and only warm up to the mid 40s Wednesday:

Just a very slight chance of a shower on the way Wednesday night.  Futurecast’s satellite-and-radar simulation shows lots of clouds, but next to nothing in terms of precipitation:
rpm-10p-wed rpm-1a-thu rpm-4a-thu

Cold weather settles in Thursday and makes itself right at home through the first half of the weekend — lows Friday and Saturday will drop to around 20°!
We’ll warm up before the next chance of rain arrives on Sunday — the timing on that rain chance is still up in the air.  A couple of the forecast models say it will be a rainy Sunday overall, while the generally-more-accurate (but far from perfect) European model holds the rain off until Sunday evening.  (Personally, I’m rooting for the later arrival, since I’ll be at the Broncos-Titans game, and I’d rather not sit in the rain!)




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3 Responses to December 6: Rain Ending, Cold Weather Ahead, Daily Links

  1. Fred says:

    It’s still only preliminary at best, but now it looks like we’re in for a moderately cold December that may keep this year from being the warmest ever. The rather controversial (even though these guys:
    rank them near the top accuracy-wise) among others, project no warm days for the remainder of the month (and year.) Also, we may not see a single 60 degree day in December for the first time since 2000, and only the 7th since the record-keeping began. Of course, this is too early to make accurate predictions, but I, too, am inclined to agree that the Big Warmth is well and truly over. Would not be surprised in the least if the winter season will turn out to be considerably colder than normal and actually hoping for that.

    • paulheggen33 says:

      I’m not going to infer anything from six days worth of data…and I’m definitely not going to fill in the rest of the month with Inaccuweather. Cool so far, but we’ll see what the next 25 days bring!

  2. Fred says:

    Inaccuweather, that’s a good one:)). Seriously, though, I’ve heard you refer to a forecast for a day a week away as bordering on voodoo territory, so what to make of a 90(!)-day forecast?! Yet, apparently, that’s one of the most popular weather sites. Anyway, the point I was trying to make was that since 1989 we have seen only 2 really cold Decembers (2000 and 2010), and one moderately cold one (2005). Is it a fair guess to suggest that Decembers are getting warmer in Nashville?

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